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OA Consultants delivers the highest quality, most efficient and most comprehensive deployments of ERP & CRM Solutions which includes Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resources and Business Intelligence modules.

Our Implementation services integrate the process Consulting, Technology, Education and Value Management activities customers need to be successful. Customers are led through Solution Design, Solution Development and Solution Deployment phases with the continuous driving objective of maximizing value from their investment.

At OAC, we use a Work breakdown Structure (WBS) process as a cornerstone of the Implementation service. Use of a Work Breakdown Structure is an effective tool for developing accurate project cost estimates, from the bottom up, based upon each of the implementation tasks. Increase in detail of WBS, increases the accuracy of the estimate.

Features & Benefits

1) More overall value through an integrated solution (process and implementation consulting services, system implementation, education, value management)

2) Efficient, optimal use of technology via implementation of process best practices

3) Quality performance from a professionally installed, configured and tuned solution by the people who know Oracle Applications the best

4) Efficient, low risk project managed by a team that has deployed many Product Development System solutions

5) Single partner accountable for all aspects of your implementation and support

6) Higher adoption through the right training program tailored for your Organization’s needs

7) Risk management and efficiency through effective governance and program management

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