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What OAC


  • consultancy3-130x115

    Ensure quality of solution selection, identifying improvement areas along with required goals, and devise road map for accomplishment

  • projectManagement-130x115
    Project Managment

    Ensure quality and timely delivery of ERP and/or CRM implementations making sure all ends of the requirement and goals are complete

  • Outsourcing-130x115

    Ensure resource quality, discipline and delivery of work with utmost check, responsibility and accountability

  • Implement-130x115

    Ensure delivery and transfer of solution with standard implementation methodology

  • review-130x115
    Post Implementation Review

    Ensure identification of pain areas and deliver road-map towards relief of road blocks and realization of goal

OAC is an Implementation and Support services provider of ERP and CRM Solutions specializing in the areas of Financials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing and Business Intelligence. We offer specialized strategy and road map to engage and assist our customers’ efforts with proper planning and execution of their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions.

OAC delivers solutions:

♦   With key functionality built specifically for large and SME Enterprises

♦   To maximize innovation and discovery

♦   To maximize marketplace agility

♦   Maximize ROI

♦   With Excellent Customer service at the most competitive prices